Monday, December 16, 2013

Cock Fighting in Thailand

I was recently invited to go to some underground cock fights with some of the locals in Thailand. The day began with all the owners sizing up their roosters.The selected animals waited their turn to be put in the ring against their pre-selected opponent to fight, That's when the bets began. There are five twenty-three minute rounds with twenty-three minute breaks in between. This allows time for the roosters to rest and be stitched up.The cocks fight until the death or serious injury, the fight can also be ended if one bird runs away after being injured or decision with who the more dominant rooster is. The ‘fight to the death’ rule is not enforced in Thai cock fighting, which creates a make-shift chicken hospital in the dirt, where needles are sterilized in boiling water, and teams of people stitch up the wounded animals.
Oh yeah, and then the Thai police came causing a scatter of the Thais I was with in to the jungle jumping fences with their prized birds.